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Simon Fowler – Fuel storage and Refuelling site Design Consultant

Simon Fowler, Fuel Installation Design Consultant, has nearly 40 years experience working within the vehicle refuelling industry.

He has designed many fuel storage and refuelling installations specifying the appropriate design of fuel storage tank, pipework, fuel dispenser and fuel management system.

Simon Fowler has undertaken many compliance audits of customers’ fuel storage and refuelling sites to ensure that they meet with the requirements of the many regulations and guidelines which cover the storage and dispensing of fuel.

Many customers no longer have the internal resources or knowledge to manage the installation of a fuel storage facility because of the vast range of alternative fuel pump dispensers, fuel tanks, pipe systems and fuel management systems on the market today. We can assist your fuel installation planning and design.

By undertaking a survey of the site and interviewing the stakeholders Simon Fowler can draw up a specification for a fuel installation project which can then be used within a tender process.

Simon can also manage a new fuel installation on an open book basis, which is frequently a more economic alternative to employing a single contractor.

If you have any fuel installation projects that need this type of input please contact Simon Fowler, Fuel Installation Consultant to discuss them further.